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Chai Pyari serves as a launching pad for aspiring entrepreneurs. We actively seek out driven individuals, eager to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, and offer them a chance to thrive alongside us. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring the success of every outlet. Allow us to guide you toward the right decision—one that leads to owning a flourishing business and propels you toward your goals.

 1. Design & Fabrication Set Up

Assistance with creating appealing and functional chai outlets, ensuring consistency with the brand’s aesthetics.

2. Training & Support 

To provide franchisees with the abilities required for success, extensive training programs and continuous assistance are offered.

3. Digital Integration & Marketing 

Utilization of modern digital strategies and tools to enhance brand awareness and attract customers.

4. Low Investment & High Returns 

Opportunity for investors to achieve significant returns with a relatively low initial investment.

5. Unmatchable Welcome Kit 

Provision of a welcome kit containing essential resources and materials to facilitate a smooth start for new partners.

6. Proven Business Approach 

Reducing risk for investors by putting into practice a tried-and-true business plan that has proven successful in the chai industry. 

Chai Pyari Franchise - Your Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success Starts Here

Initial Franchisee Fee: The ₹2,50,000* initial fee includes trademark usage, allowing you to benefit from our brand’s reputation for your business success.

  • Use of trademark 
    Access to trademarks for branding and recognition.
  • Opening Assistance
    Guidance and support for setting up your franchise location.
  • Raw Material 
    Supply of necessary raw materials to kickstart your business.
  • Kitchen Equipment   Provision of essential kitchen equipment for operational efficiency.

Term & Renewal Fee :  The franchise term is three years, offering stability and peace of mind with no renewal fees, allowing you to focus on building success under our brand.

Space Requirements : The Kiosk model provides flexibility, needing an 8×8 space for compact or mobile setups, while the shop with a shutter requires a slightly larger 12×12 space for traditional storefront presence.

*The fees mentioned exclude GST and initial raw material supply, ensuring transparent investment clarity for this franchise opportunity.

What does the Franchise Package Offer ?

Supportive Setup
Ready-to-Go Equipment
Established Brand
Flexible Space Options
Long-Term Support
Growth Opportunities
Community Connection

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